Chifoné’s Remover Spray

Chifoné’s Remover Spray

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Introducing Chifoné's incredible Extension Remover Spray, the magical elixir that will make your hair dreams come true! 🙌🏻💆‍♀️ This game-changing spray is not only gentle and healthy for your precious locks, but it also slashes the removal time in HALF compared to other methods. Yes, you heard that right, lovelies! 🕒⚡️

Imagine the bliss of effortlessly detangling your extensions and revealing your natural, stunning hair in no time at all! 😍💫 Whether you're rocking K-Tips, tape ins, or any other type of extensions, Chifoné has got you covered. Our innovative formula works like magic, effortlessly loosening the bonds and allowing you to remove your extensions with ease.


2 Oz 

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